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10 Tips for Dating and Keeping Your Kenyan Woman

Kenyan women are incredibly beautiful, take good care of themselves, and know how to enjoy life. They are “go-getters”, and carry themselves with class, charisma, and charm. You will find Kenyan women to be quite romantic, and even at a young age set on a future marriage, life, and family of their own one day.

So, whether you’re seeking out your next Kenyan date or lover online, or in person, keep these 10 tips in mind for making the most out of your time together, and increasing the chances of impressing her, and keeping her forever yours.

1. Kenyan women are enthusiastic, and likewise enjoy their man or date to also be happy, and outgoing. So, if it’s your first date make sure you get plenty of rest the night before, and meet your new Kenyan girlfriend with a positive, open mind, and encourage her to flourish and show her positive side too.

Kenyan women are optimistic, and typically see things in life as a “glass half full”. Therefore, if this matches your personality or sounds like a way of life you too would like to live then you’re searching in the right place

2. Kenyan women desire a strong man, both physically and mentally, but they also like to see a “softer”, honest, and humble side. This means that once you’re regularly dating your Kenyan woman, don’t be afraid to pick up and help with the dishes or cleaning.

This can be both sexy, and impress her which will illustrate that you not only respect her and what she does for you, but also that you don’t put yourself above her, judge, or take her for granted.

3. On your first, second, and even third date don’t hesitate to open up to your Kenyan woman about your feelings on life, aspirations, and goals.

However, at the same time be mindful of the amounts of emotions you’re expressing, and try to ensure you’re not overwhelming her. This can be a huge turnoff, or even create an awkward situation – and date.

More than openness or pouring your heart out, a Kenyan woman will likely be much more interested in your impressions of her country, what you think of her, and what your plans are for the foreseeable future – especially if it’s likely or possible to include her.

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4. Because of the global exposure and attention of obesity, and seemingly particular targeting of African women, you’ll find that Kenyan women tend to be very proactive in regularly exercising or working out.

This is great and beneficial for you if you too enjoy personal fitness, or, are looking to gain a new workout partner – after all, the more bonding opportunities the better!

5. Keep in mind, when dating a Kenyan woman that a first date is just that – the first opportunity each of you has to get to know one another, discover any possible “deal breakers”, and to gauge any potential chemistry you might have.

There’s no need to try to get everything done on the first, second, or even third date – again, take your time and just go with the flow. The last thing you want to do is come off as “pushy” or demanding – as these are surefire ways to push your prospective Kenyan lover away for good.

6. Try to give some deep thought to the location and type of place you choose for your first date. If you’ve been corresponding online with your Kenyan woman before visiting, try to research a place that might be relevant to her interests, favorite food, or an especially romantic setting – Kenyan women love romance.

7. If you’re serious about dating and possibly marrying a Kenyan woman, then it’s critical that you take the first step – and be a gentleman – by flying out to Kenya yourself. This not only shows commitment but also that you’re unique.

Additionally, it will show the Kenyan woman you’ve come to see – as well as any others you might meet – that you’re stable enough to take the time off from work to visit, and have a respectable amount of energy to potentially find your other half in Kenya.

And don’t fret, should things go well and you wind up in a long-term relationship, she’ll be happy to reciprocate the favor by coming to visit your home country and meet your family, friends, and experience life with you.

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8. Kenyan women go absolutely crazy for romance, and this doesn’t necessarily have to involve you spending tons of money. In fact, it could be as simple as you having her over to your place, cuddling up on the couch, and watching her favorite television show or movie together.

Kenyan women are very passionate, loyal, and enjoy bonding with a man that they foresee a future with. And for those that are wondering, no, this date won’t necessarily involve sex – and you shouldn’t expect it. After all, a Kenyan woman is forever, so there is plenty of time to take things further in your relationship later on.

9. If you really want to create a positive relationship with and please your Kenyan woman give her a random phone call during the day, just to say hello and see how she is doing. This will make her extremely happy, flattered, and more than likely she’ll go off bragging to her friends – or even better mother – about this “gift”.

As you can see, Kenyan women are by no means strictly materialistic, and will likely cherish much more a sincere type love that involves special thought, energy, and time on your part.

10. Last but no least, give her something “big” to think about, and after a few dates, as you get closer don’t be afraid to talk about the future.

In fact, you might be surprised at how mature Kenyan women are, and as mentioned earlier in comparison to women you are perhaps used to dating, you’ll find that they’re much more receptive and optimistic when discussing the future, marriage, and a family of their own – hopefully with you!

Extra tip: Kenyan women absolutely love to smile, but there’s a special benefit to giving her more fun, than necessarily being funny. With that being said, don’t hesitate to take your Kenyan woman on a date somewhere really special, like an outdoorsy type of activity (for tourists), as chances are she’s never had the time, and perhaps money, to fund such a trip and adventure in her very own backyard.

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