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5 Reasons Kenyan Women Prefer Foreigners

Kenyan women are gorgeous, intelligent, ambitious, and undoubtedly some of the most desirable African women in the world.

While Kenya has its share of struggles as a country, its people are some of the kindest, most loving, and genuine you’ll ever meet. Kenyan women are brought up very closely with their family, and are taught at an early age how to care for their husband, siblings, and remain extremely ambitious towards starting their own family one day.

Although dating is very popular among foreigners and Kenyan women, they also take their education very seriously. Kenyan women are very hard working, laborious, and taught how to grow their own crops, farm, and protect their family.

So, it should be no surprise why foreigner men go absolutely crazy for dating Kenyan women. Read on to learn 5 Reasons Kenyan Women Prefer a Foreigner as opposed to the local men.

1. We are Gentlemen

Kenyan women, like most, are naturally attracted to men that are compassionate, romantic, loving, and thoughtful. And, while this is not to say that all Kenyan men do not have these traits, it’s rather rare.

So, it’s understandable in this sense why Kenyan women desire something more from a relationship, such as a foreigner. You see, Western pop culture, entertainment, and even English are trending “fads”, fashion, and influences you’ll find throughout Kenya – mostly in the major cities.

The average, strong, loving, and ambitious Kenyan woman will be brought up by her mother and father how to judge good character. Unfortunately, Kenyan men are also abrasive, insensitive, or even aggressive with their woman – something we are not very fond of nor supportive of in the United States.

So, this, combined with the reality and value of the internet, it’s no wonder why Kenyan women aspire to meet the foreigner man of their dreams – and why Kenyan dating can be so easy for you.

2. Romanticism and Spontaneous

Going off the last point, Kenyan women love foreigners because they are not only romantic with their words, but also their actions. Chivalry is something Kenyan women are well aware of, but not necessarily subjected to very often – if at all.

Also, it is very uncommon for them to receive surprise gifts from their boyfriend – especially husband, or be told how beautiful they are all the time.

Foreigner men, especially Americans and Europeans, are known for staying loyal, sincere, and loving towards their wives for years and years, often lasting a lifetime. But, given the aggression, neglect, and lack of attention in most Kenyan relationships these women are yet again tempted to desire something more.

Like most women, they enjoy surprises, and a man that isn’t afraid to express his feelings and show his true heart.

3. Loyalty and Trust

Trust and loyalty are understandably hard to come by in any relationship throughout the world, but, especially in Kenyan relationships. This is because between the amounts of work most men do, drinking, and time spent with their guy friends or going remains unbalanced with the amount of time they dedicate to their Kenyan girlfriend or wife.

Also, trust goes both ways, so it’s understandable why a foreigner is more likely to be confident, trusting, and less argumentative due to having his own commitments and other responsibilities.

Naturally, without trust and loyalty, a relationship can be very dissatisfying and unbalanced. Kenyan women do not play a lot of the common games American or other western women do, are less attracted to drama, and are more goal-oriented about the things they wish to accomplish in life. So, when dating Kenyan women you can expect them to be a lot more mature too.

4. Honest and Sincere

If you know how to be affectionate, are compassionate towards others, and would like the same from a woman then dating a Kenyan woman makes perfect sense. No matter their background or how much they have, they are always willing to and seek out ways to help out others.

Kenyan women are also often very spiritual, religious – most predominantly Christian – and likewise seek similar values from their man.

A Kenyan woman will date in hopes to find her soulmate or “court” the right man. They are not promiscuous, and rather are always striving to find new ways to please, support you, and hold you up no matter the circumstances. They are extremely bright, energetic, and typically very positive all around.

5. Sociable and Ambitious

Kenyan women are very outgoing and ambitious. They set goals young, and are very good at sticking to them and achieving success. If and when you visit any major Kenyan city you’ll see this for yourself, and be able to put the pieces together to better understand why they work so hard for what they have – and all the while remain humble and optimistic.

Although often superstitious, Kenyan women have a very keen sense of healthy living, are knowledgeable about various diets, vitamins, and overall tend to be pretty active when it comes to exercise and personal fitness.

So, whether you are a man with similar values, or, would appreciate a woman with them to support you and make you a better man then dating a Kenyan woman makes perfect sense.

Finally, a Kenyan woman is most likely to be attracted to any ambitious traits you might have and will know if you’re a real winner. In the end, she’ll certainly be worth your time and bring you years of endless happiness.

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