Kenyan Girls

Kenyan Mail Order Brides Gaining Popularity

More and more foreign (especially Western) men are pursuing and making their best efforts to achieve a Kenyan Mail Order bride of their dreams, to create, complete, or even rebuild their own family.

While there are plenty of Kenyan Mail Order Bride dating site’s, it’s important to appreciate that the most effective and realistically legitimate ones are going to involve you actually traveling to her country, meeting with her and her family, and often making a “donation” to her family for her ‘release’, also known as ‘dowry’, but it’s designed to support the family, not her directly–yes, we know, a bizarre concept.

However, if you think about it, perhaps her family would see it as you depriving them of a prospective future income or financial contributions because you are taking their daughter away to a foreign country.


The Unwritten Rules of Online Dating and Marriage

  • It’s important to focus on websites that offer you the ability to not only directly chat with your prospective future lover or wife, but also offers outlets to directly video and audio chat with her at your own leisure—via Skype for example.
  • Don’t go spending more than $50-$100 up-front for websites that “promise” or guarantee you to find the Kenyan bride of your dreams. Nobody can possibly guarantee you that, it goes both ways, and will require equal effort both on your end and hers—the website or ‘mail order site’ just acts as a “mediator” or matchmaker so to speak.
  • Understand that there’s really no websites or services that will ‘mail’ or fly your future wife to you legitimately, without you first coming to the country in question, Kenya in this instance, and filing the appropriate visa information for example, and making contact with her family. Did you really think her family would just trust a friendly voice or face on Skype and ‘set their daughter free’ into your arms no questions asked? Most sites that offer the contrary are illegitimate, and will drain you of your money and leave you with a swollen heart and sour taste in your mouth for online dating.
  • Be respectful, genuine, and honest with your prospective Kenyan wife when you’re interacting with her online. Find out if she’s been married before or has kids, and share the same with her. Kenyan women are very sincere, and are nurturing by nature. They are also very intelligent and commonly educated.
  • Last but not least, ALWAYS make an effort to thoroughly review (multiple) website review services and sites that give in-depth reviews of the services or sites you’re considering for finding your future Kenyan wife. Ensure you spend at least a few days, if not a week or two on this project alone. Don’t waste your time with SPAM and bots! Dig right into the legitimate sites and save yourself both the emotional and physical hassle—as well as money out of your wallet.

Why Kenyan Women Love Westerners

Love and Loyalty

Kenyan Women see foreigners and Western Men in particular as especially loyal and ideal prospective husbands because of their very different culture. For most Kenyan women, they do not have Kenyan boyfriends or husbands that are comfortable or frequently display public affection towards them.

Kenyan women believe that Western men are more sensitive, and likely to cater to their needs and be respectful as well as chivalrous—much more than Kenyan men are typically known for.

Lastly, and of course this is not the case for all Kenyan women, but they do see marrying a foreign man as not only idea because of their perceived beauty of an interracial baby, but also for immigration and other financial based benefits. In reality, although Kenyan women are frequently educated and street smart, they still crave a husband who will care for them, lavish them with gifts in some instances, and travel the world with them.

In all fairness, this is not necessarily a bad personality trait or aspirations, as some foreigner men want exactly this. A loyal wife, respectable and committed mother for their children, and a sexually attractive, beautiful, exotic African woman to have a future with, lavish with gifts, and take on their trips around the world due to being retired, on a pension, or otherwise indefinitely financially secure.

Every circumstance, situation, and personality will be different, so it’s unfair to try to stigmatize either party in these prospective scenarios.


Why Western Men love Kenyan Women

Sexy, Genuine, Mom, and Wife

Western men, especially American, Canadian, and European, strongly desire a Kenyan woman because they are known for some of the following key personality traits that any man would desire in a future wife and mother to their children.

  • Independent and strong—Kenyan women seemingly crave or enjoy pursuing hard-work and educational opportunities on their own. Not only mentally due to their common difficult upbringing, but they are also known to be very physically strong and extremely protective of the ones they love.
  • Compassionate and Nurturing—Women from Kenya are compassionate and nurturing by nature and therefore make the most ideal wives and mothers for your child or children. They are also very open-minded and accepting, so if you already have a child, it’s unlikely that they wouldn’t welcome and love them like their own. It makes all the difference if and when you meet your Kenyan wife that you make it a point to also bond with or ‘marry the family’ so that you have both her and her family’s utmost respect possible—this makes everything all the easier and more beneficial for you and your wife both in the short and long-term.
  • Kenyan women are well known for their very petite, healthy bodies with curves in all the right places, beautiful eyes, Carmel skin ranging from different tone of light to dark, and a strong pride in their personal appearance from makeup and cosmetics all the way to clothing attire—all under a budget, which is all the more impressive!
  • Lastly, Kenyan women are romantic by nature and absolutely adore the idea of being with a foreigner man whom is also romantic. From the simple things like a walk on the beach to the more sophisticated such as rose covered paths, your Kenyan woman will be sensually passionate with you both outside as well as inside in the bedroom and treat you right in every which way. They are extremely giving, aim to please their man, and always go above and beyond to do so.

So, in conclusion, in so many words, if you’re seeking a well cultured woman, who won’t judge you, who will respect and be loyal to you as a prospective wife and mother, who is naturally beautiful, grateful, humble, and commonly religious; well, a Kenya woman might just be the perfect match for YOU!

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